It's time to order Turkeys, Hams, Cakes and Family Meals for Thanksgiving 2015.

All orders must be placed by close of business on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 to receive posted prices. Orders will be accepted on Monday, November 23rd with an added $25 Late Charge. 

Order at the Restaurant at 408 Old County Home Rd. Asheville, NC 28806 or call at (828) 505-4144.

Pickup Orders all day on Tuesday, Nov 24th and up to 6pm on Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2015. We will close at 6pm on Wednesday to be with our families so please make plans to pick up your food on time.

We are offering the following options:

  1. Complete Meal $89.99 (Feeds 6-8 People)
    1. Choose your protein:
      1. Turkey (Smoked or Fried)
      2. Ham (Smoked)
    2. Choose your Family Sized sides (2) (extras are $12.99 each)
      1. Stuffing
      2. Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes
      3. Mac & Cheese
      4. Green Beans
      5. Cream Corn
      6. Regular Corn
      7. Broccoli Casserole
    3. Also Included:
      1. Rolls
      2. Cranberry Sauce
      3. Gravy
      4. Gallon of Tea
  2. Meat Only (we provide) $49.99
    1. Choose your protein:
      1. Turkey (Smoked or Fried)
      2. Ham (Smoked)
  3. Meat Only (you provide) $20.00
    1. Bring your Protein
      1. Turkey (15 lbs or less) (We will Smoke or Deep Fry it for you)
      2. Ham (We will smoke it for you)
  4. Add a made from scratch Dessert (extra charge)
    1. Cake $40
      1. Carrot
      2. Pumpkin
      3. Hummingbird
      4. Peanut Butter
      5. Orange
    2. Pie (Price TBD. Please inquire with store)
      1. Pumpkin
      2. Pecan
    3. Brownies (Price based on quantity. Please inquire with store.)